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5 Considerations in Using Flag Signs versus Corner Signs

Flag signs and corner signs both serve the wayfinding space extremely well.  It should be noted that both types of office signs can support wayfinding on both corner and hallway applications however, flag signs tend to be the sign frame of choice on hallways and corridors while corner signs are preferred on intersecting walls. So

Using Flag Signs as Restroom Signs

Restroom signs are just one of the many applications that projecting, or flag signs are used.  Flag signs are a perfect fit for hospitals, office buildings, universities, churches and numerous other locations.  The projecting nature of these bathroom signs makes identification easy in corridors or hallways especially when time is of the essence.  Because they

Horizontal Curved Flag Signs

The Vista line of horizontal curved flag signs, or blade signs, are designed to assist in way finding.  Flag sign applications range from restroom identification to information booths and a variety of others. Mounting your flag sign is easy using the pre-drilled brackets.  The screws and wall anchors to mount your flag signs can be

Flat Flag Signs

Vista System has added flat flag signs to round out their GreenSquare product line.  The flat flag sign line is made from anodized aluminum similar to their curved products. Flat flag sign frames can be finished with either black or grey plastic end caps and support interior and exterior applications.  For more information on flat

Way-Finding Signs and Letter Size Paper

Modular way-finding signs give you the ability to take control of your sign program and maintain consistency across your office or campus environment.  This post is specifically about hallway signs, also referred to as corridor signs or flag signs, where you can print your own inserts. With respect to taking control of your sign program,

Flag Signs – Top 5 Uses

Flag signs, also referred to as projecting sign frames, can be used as outdoor and indoor signs.  They can be found in restaurants, libraries, hospitals, campus/office buildings, airports, gyms, train stations and a myriad of other locations. You can see them in a flat sign (see photo) or curved sign configuration.  Although they have many

Letter Size Signs for Your Office

Vista System provides a wide array of letter size signs for your office.  Creating office signs is fast, easy and economical so I put together a list of Vista frames that accommodate an 8.5″ X 11″ piece of paper without any additional cutting and pasting.  Just print it out, insert it and you’re ready to

Top FAQs on Vista GreenSquare Flat Signs

As mentioned in the previous article, Vista System just introduced it’s new line of GreenSquare flat signs at the NBM show in Long Beach, CA.  To help educate and inform everyone on the new product line, here are some of the most frequently asked questions: 1.  What types of flat signs are available in the

Vista System 2012 NBM Show in Long Beach

Vista System unveiled their new GreenSquare flat sign frames at this year’s NBM show in Long Beach, CA to complement their curved wayfinding sign system (MCFT) product line.  Vista System is a leading international sign manufacturer of modern, contemporary sign frames. Overall, show traffic was steady but picked up significantly throughout the afternoon.  Sign professionals from