Way-Finding Signs and Letter Size Paper

Way-Finding SignsModular way-finding signs give you the ability to take control of your sign program and maintain consistency across your office or campus environment.  This post is specifically about hallway signs, also referred to as corridor signs or flag signs, where you can print your own inserts.

With respect to taking control of your sign program, paper insert signs are something you can do cost effectively and quickly without having to call a local sign company.  These corridor signs or hallway signs, whichever you prefer, can be printed in spot color or full color from your desktop printer.  Two examples of these way-finding signs are FSF11U and FSF12U where you can take your printer output and trim a few inches off the top and you now have high quality paper insert signs.  You then put the paper insert signs into the frame and add the clear cover.

One thing about hallway signs is that they are not very volatile with respect to content.  If you use hallway signs to denote a department section of the building it will not likely change.  If however you use them as way-finding signs you may experience more volatility especially on college or university campuses.

Corridor signs can support other materials in addition to paper insert signs.  They can take vinyl, PVC and a number of other substrates.  Whether you mount these corridor signs on the wall or ceiling they are one of the most versatile type of way-finding signs.