Using Flag Signs as Restroom Signs

flag signs

Restroom signs are just one of the many applications that projecting, or flag signs are used.  Flag signs are a perfect fit for hospitals, office buildings, universities, churches and numerous other locations.  The projecting nature of these bathroom signs makes identification easy in corridors or hallways especially when time is of the essence.  Because they come in a variety of sizes, you can tailor your bathroom signs to the surrounding area.  This particular sign is a vertically curved flag sign similar to the WBSB9 frame yet there are flat restroom signs such as the FSF1U as well as horizontal curved frames depending on your preference.

Paper inserts are typically used for ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness however, the entire line of curved and flat flag signs accommodate acrylic, PVC, vinyl and numerous other materials.  This flexibility allows you to blend or contrast your bathroom signs with your existing sign program.

Color choices include brushed silver, bronze or gold with metal or plastic end cap accessories.  They serve both interior and exterior applications and mount to any flat surface.  The brackets for the flag signs come pre-drilled to simplify installation.  They are typically mounted with wall anchors and screws and can be done with common hand tools.  Because of their modularity, flag signs can be used for other wayfinding applications allowing you to maintain consistency of your sign program throughout your building or campus. It’s a simple, cost-effective and pragmatic signing solution for all restroom and wayfinding needs.