Directory Signs with a Zero-Dollar Budget

If you’re looking to get directory signs with a zero-dollar budget it’s time to consider Vista System.  Here’s a quick video using our vertical curved directory signage to illustrate the point.

All to often people purchase office signs, directory signs included, without thinking about what happens when changes are needed later on.  Tenants leave, tenants come, names change and so on, all which warrant changes to your office signs.  Replacing individual name plates for your directory signs can not only get expensive but can also take some time.  That responsive sign company that initially installed all the office signs in your suite is not so responsive when you need just one or two additional name plates added. The good news, as illustrated in the video, is that you can design and print paper name plates for your directory signs in minutes AND you don’t have to budget for it.  If you have MS-Word or similar desktop software, a printer and some paper you can truly have designer-quality paper name plates without any delay and with no additional cost (excluding the paper and ink of course).

If you wanted to spend a little money to upgrade your office signs consider buying some specialty paper at your local card shop or office supplies store.  Parchment, marbled or even gloss or semi-gloss paper will make a huge difference in your paper name plates when displayed in the sign frame.  The cost is nothing compared to what you’d have to pay for acrylic, PVC or even vinyl material for those same frames.

What is illustrated in this video regarding paper inserts for these vertical curved directory signs holds true for the entire line of Vista System products.  Our How-To section is a great resource with step-by-step instructions on how to print paper inserts for your Vista frames.  Please comment on this blog or visit our channel for more information on the various office signs available.