5 Considerations in Using Flag Signs versus Corner Signs

Flag signs and corner signs both serve the wayfinding space extremely well.  It should be noted that both types of office signs can support wayfinding on both corner and hallway applications however, flag signs tend to be the sign frame of choice on hallways and corridors while corner signs are preferred on intersecting walls. So what are some of the considerations that come into play using one versus the other?  Our top 5 would be as follows:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Height Limitations
  3. Cost
  4. Vandal Resistance
  5. Installation

Aesthetics – Some people simply prefer the cleaner, lower-profile look that the corner signs exhibit versus the higher profile, projecting look of the flag signs.  It’s clearly a personal preference but because they are modular it’s very common to use them in conjunction with one another.

Height Limitations – Buildings with drop ceilings or older buildings in general may provide vertical challenges when it comes to choosing the right sign frame.  On intersecting walls, the corner frames are the safer bet over the projecting frames as they lie flush against the wall.  On hallways, choose a smaller frame such as the FSF1U or landscape-oriented projecting sign frame to minimize vertical interference.

Cost – The cost of both types of office signs vary based on size.  Choose the proper size frame based on the line of sight.  For example, for most interior office space you’re safe with any size sign because you’ll be able to see it clearly within 50 feet or so.  For exterior applications where the sign needs to be visible at a distance, please consult a letter visibility chart to determine the size of sign you’ll need.  The minimum letter height required for a sign viewed at 100 feet is 4″ for example, so your content should drive the size of sign frame needed at that distance.  Both types of frames accommodate paper inserts so it’s inexpensive if you go the paper route to sign your building.

Vandal Resistance – Interior office signs are rarely vandalized compared to those installed outside.  Since wayfinding signs in general are installed high enough for people to see the height of the sign frame itself is definitely a deterrent.  Mounting surface and mounting method are other areas which can help mitigate vandalism.  Due to the projecting nature of flag signs it’s more likely for them to be physically loosened from their mounting surface but either sign is equally likely to be damaged with the malicious intent.

Ease of Installation – Since corner signs can be installed with double-sided tape or velcro in addition to wall anchors and screws the nod for ease of installation would go to them.  That said, both flag and corner frames can be installed in minutes using wall anchors and screws.

We hope this was helpful.  Please comment on our blog or share it with friends or colleagues who may be in need of this type of information.