Expand Your Horizons with Sign Frames from Vista System

Vista System recently launched a new line of sign frames creating the best solution in the market for projects requiring extra large signage.  It’s called the Vista Expand series and consists of environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor sign frames ranging in size from 700-1400mm (27.5-55″) wide and up to 4 meters (13′) high.  The ultra modern design has a minimal curve and supports XL pylon signs (above right), landscape and portrait XL wall signs (above left) and landscape and portrait XL post and panel signs.

The portrait XL wall signs as illustrated above are a superior solution for displaying information including, but not limited to, floor maps, logo and branding imagery, floor directories, advertising space and exit routes.  Its landscape counterpart, XL landscape wall signs, are used to display wayfinding information and branding images, company name and logo, floor lists, decorative photos, advertising space and much more.

The Vista System Expand Series of sign frames, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, are also easy to install and update.  Installation of the Vista Expand wall signs is done by simply attaching the main profile to the wall with the screws smartly hidden under the insert sheet.  The sign frames accept digital prints, vinyl and other materials to present updated information.  The replacement process if fast and easy and can be completed on-site with in-house staff.

Vista System double-sided pylon signs are extremely popular and well known for wayfinding.  Often projects call for extra large pylons making the Vista line the most attractive solution available.  Applications are varied from displaying directions outdoors to wayfinding, branding, information, images, instructions and advertising within the complex.

The XL portrait and landscape post & panel signs are often used to display information to the public including orientation maps in the mall, real estate project specification stands, terminal information posts, industrial zone directories and much more.  Because of the modular design, many variations of both types of post & panel signs are possible.

Vista Expand proves that just because they are bigger they are still flexible, easy to deliver and install as well as maintain.  We have a number of images and videos that go into much more detail than what’s included here.  Contact us and we’ll be glad to send them to you.  We hope this information was helpful as we try to keep you up to date with the latest on architectural signage throughout the industry.  Please like, share or subscribe to our blog or visit our website for other signage products.