Top FAQs on Vista GreenSquare Flat Signs

Vista GreenSquare Flat SystemAs mentioned in the previous article, Vista System just introduced it’s new line of GreenSquare flat signs at the NBM show in Long Beach, CA.  To help educate and inform everyone on the new product line, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1.  What types of flat signs are available in the GreenSquare system?

  • A:  Wall signs (standard, floating, floating corner, directory), table signs, flag signs and suspended signs.

2.  Does GreenSquare provide both interior signage and exterior options?

  • A: The system is mainly for interior use but supports a variety of outdoor applications.

3.  What sizes are supported?

  • A:  The system supports a variety of sizes up to 100cm x 100cm / 40″.

4.  Does GreenSquare support using firm inserts and Braille components?

  • A:  Yes to both.  The flat signs support firm inserts based on a special cover extrusion and the same extrusion also supports Braille for the visually impaired.  For interior signage applications paper inserts are widely used stand alone or in conjunction with firm inserts such as engraved or ADA inserts.

5.  Is GreenSquare a modular signage system?

  •   A:  Yes.  This is true for both interior signage and exterior signage applications.

6.  Is it possible to order flat signs not included in the catalog?

  • A:  Yes.  Since it is a modular sign system it supports non-catalog sizes.  Contact your sign professional for assistance on custom sizes.

7.  In which colors are the flat signs offered?

  • A:  The aluminum extrusions are available in the same three finishes as the curved system, namely brushed aluminum, black and gold.

Please reference the site FAQs for more general sign frame information.