Flag Signs – Top 5 Uses

Flag Signs GreenSquareFlag signs, also referred to as projecting sign frames, can be used as outdoor and indoor signs.  They can be found in restaurants, libraries, hospitals, campus/office buildings, airports, gyms, train stations and a myriad of other locations. You can see them in a flat sign (see photo) or curved sign configuration.  Although they have many purposes the top five that are most prevalent are as follows:

  • Bathrooms
  • Public Areas
  • Meeting Points
  • Security Information
  • Lounge Indicator

Probably the most common use of flag signs is to indicate public restrooms.  Most of the venues listed above use these type of indoor signs, although especially common in airports and train stations.

Projecting sign frames are used to denote public areas or meeting points.  Indoor signs such as departments within an office building (i.e. Information Technology, Human Resources, etc.) to college campuses (i.e. Biology Department, Nursing, etc.) are just a few examples of how flag signs are used.  You may also see projecting sign frames denoting Administration, Surgery  or Outpatient Services areas of a hospital or Jury Assembly within the Hall of Justice.

Indoor signs such as these may also indicate security or informational items to assist people.  This could be anything from police/security, emergency phone, fire extinguisher, emergency exit and other similar uses.

Finally, flag signs are becoming increasingly popular in airports as lounge indicators in addition to terminal and gate indicators.  Whether you go with a flat sign or curved sign configuration, flag signs are a highly visible and extremely efficient way to provide information and assist in managing pedestrian traffic.