Sign Frame Installation – Wall Anchors & Screws

Sign frame installation for Vista System products is fast and easy and just one of the reasons why sign professionals around the world choose them.  This video clip illustrates how to install one of our 8.5 x 11 letter-size office signs using wall anchors and screws but the same method holds for directory signs, door signs and poster frames.  Take a look.

As you can see, installing your sign frames can be done in a matter of minutes and only requires a level and an electric drill.  Here’s a quick recap of the process:

Step 1: Level Your Sign Frame
Step 2: Mark Your Holes
Step 3: Set the Wall Anchors and Screws
Step 4: Add the Paper Insert and Acrylic Lens

Keep in mind that installing your sign frames with wall anchors and screws is meant to be permanent.  So, if you intend to move your office signs or directory signs frequently, or at all, other mounting options should be considered.  Also, consult your local building codes and regulations for mounting height requirements before installing your sign frames.

Because of the various surfaces in which you can mount your sign frame, the frames are not shipped with the mounting hardware.  Common wall anchors and screws can be purchased at your local hardware store based on your specific mounting needs.

One other point to note.  The WFP84U office sign used in this video illustrates the use of a paper insert with a clear acrylic lens.  By far, paper inserts are the preferred choice from a maintenance perspective from a cost and turnaround standpoint since you can do it yourself.  However, Vista System office signs support a variety of materials in addition to paper including acrylic, ADA, vinyl, photopolymer and many others.

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