Directory Signs – Flat Landscape for Directional & Wayfinding

Directory signs with the flat, landscape orientation are typically used as interior office signs including directional signs, directory boards and in various wayfinding applications.  The flat landscape directory signs accommodate interior and exterior sign applications and provide navigation and traffic control within your building or office complex.

Wayfinding, by definition, encompasses all of the ways people orient themselves in a physical space and navigate from place to place.  More recently, wayfinding has been used in the context of architecture in reference to the experience of orientation and choosing a path within a built environment.  Directory signs, when used in a lobby for example, provide the information necessary to get the customer or client to their appropriate destination.  This is the most common use for these type of frames.

There’s also the other aspect of wayfinding which entails traffic control.  When used in hallways or corridors or upon exiting an elevator these directory signs become directional signs, typically with directional arrows, providing a clear path within or among buildings.

Vista’s modular line of office signage provides extreme flexibility from a design and implementation standpoint.  First, all flat landscape directory signs are built to order so custom sizes are expected without having the exponential cost factor applied to non-cataloged frames.  Second, because the landscape-oriented office signage is installed as individual panels, architects and designers have become extremely creative in their designs for directional signs by staggering the frames as well as creating complete murals across the grouping.  Combined with the various types of materials the frames can accommodate, they become interior design features versus simple office signage.

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