Green Signs by Vista System (Part 2 of 2)

Vista Green ProductsVista System used the audit process to create its green signs by employing green methodologies appropriate for its product use such as:

Longevity – These are sustainable signs and the idea is to be able to change them over a ten year life span.  Made with green products that are modular in design makes this viable.

Managing End of Life – Vista System uses green products designed specifically for recycling.  More importantly, they are mechanically fastened allowing for ease of separation.

Waste Management – Not only are the green signs recyclable but the packaging can either be reused or recycled.

Environmental Quality – There is little to no out gassing because the parts are sealed under polymer.

Energy Efficient – The Vista System line of sustainable signs are made from green products; primarily aluminum and polymer.  The former is made primarily of recycled aluminum and the latter is a low energy consumption material.

Education – Vista System provides instruction and guidance on the use of its green signs.  There are reference materials available on request for those needing more information.

Green signs are the result of putting green products together.  By partnering with green suppliers Vista is fulfilling that goal. The plastics supplier has received numerous awards for being environmentally friendly and the aluminum supplier is managed to the strictest of standards for clean air in Europe.

Vista is the leader in MCFT modular curved frame technology and exhibits an entire line of sustainable signs.  Whether new construction, addition or remodel, Vista’s wide selection of frames and sizes will accommodate or exceed the most demanding of sign standards.