Vista Announces New “Vista Expand” Signage Solution

Vista System announced its new line of Vista Expand signage solutions.  Vista’s MCFT line of sign frames is already made of eco friendly materials and is LEED certified.  This new line complements the MCFT line and is specifically designed for projects requiring extra large signage solutions.Vista System Expand Sign Frames

Applicable to both interior and exterior use, these environmental signs range in size from approximately 28″-55″ wide and 13′ in height.  Like its MCFT counterpart, these sign frames are curved, modular and contemporary to fit almost any environment or decor.

The sign frames that are being introduced in the new expand format include door and wall signs, pylons and post and panel sign frames.  The door and wall and post and panel sign frames come in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Although this signage is make from eco friendly materials and will withstand outdoor use, it’s equally important to make sure you choose the proper inserts.  Vinyl, acrylic, photopolymer, engraved along with various screen-printed substrates will work outdoors.  These same eco friendly materials will work indoors as well along with paper, cardstock and others. It’s quite simple to change the inserts as well as install the signage.

There are a myriad of potential applications for this type of signage including, commercial buildings, tourist attractions, road signs, mall signs, transportation and real estate to name a few.

With this new line of environmental signs, its now possible to be environmentally conscious and have an aesthetically pleasing signage solution that you and your constituents would be proud of.