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Expand Your Horizons with Sign Frames from Vista System

Vista System recently launched a new line of sign frames creating the best solution in the market for projects requiring extra large signage.  It’s called the Vista Expand series and consists of environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor sign frames ranging in size from 700-1400mm (27.5-55″) wide and up to 4 meters (13′) high.  The ultra

Pylon Signs in Paris!

Here’s a great success story where 100 pylon signs, also referred to as post signs, were recently installed in the UAE for Paris Gallery.  Paris Gallery is a high-end luxury retailer in the Middle East with a premium assortment of over 450 international brands.  They were looking for elegant, illuminated pylon signs to complement the

5 Things to Know About Vista Triangular Pylon Signs

What are the five things you should know about Vista triangular pylon signs? 1.  They are great wayfinding signs that can be used as directory signs as well as directional signs.  Because of their modular nature they are, by default, great directional signs.  However, may clients use them as directory signs by creating separation in

Vista Way Finding Sign Frames Installed at EMKA

Vista way finding sign frames were recently installed in a large shopping center in Poland.  The architectural signs, as shown in the photo, include free-standing pylon signs, directory signs and suspended signs. The suspended signs, at least for this implementation, are illuminated while the pylon signs and directory signs are not.  Vista does provide both

Vista System Installs Pylon Signs in Netherlands

Vista System recently installed multi part, double-sided pylon signs in Hilversum, Netherlands.  Vista System is a world leader in the mcft system (modular curved frame technology) which consists of a wide array of both interior and exterior signage. These particular pylon signs appear to have four-color printed vinyl inserts either applied to the acrylic covers