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Red 3X1-601
Burgundy 3X1-602
Canyon 3X1-823
Orange 3X1-603
Yellow 3X1-701
Bright Green 3X1-901
Pine Green 3X1-902
Hunter Green 3X1-991
Black Forest Green 3X1-903
Bahama Blue 3X1-509
Blue 3X1-501
Sapphire 3X1-506
Light Blue 3X1-571
Coastal Blue 3X1-521
China Blue 3X1-302
Slate 3X1-321
Marine Blue 3X1-502
Air Force Blue 3X1-504
Ultra Violet 3X1-581
Antique Ivory 3X1-801
Sand 3X1-808
Ash 3X1-214
Parchment 3X1-811
Sandalwood 3X1-218
White 3X1-201
Bright White 3X1-204
Light Grey 3X1-305
Pearl Grey 3X1-306
Driftwood 3X1-595
Grey Flannel 3X1-331
Grey 3X1-301
Silver Grey 3X1-308
Charcoal Grey 3X1-307
Cinder 3X1-413
Beige 3X1-831
Desert Sand 3X1-851
Candlewick 381-805
Putty 3X1-806
Taupe 3X1-802
Dark Brown 3X1-803
Med. Brown 3X1-821
Black 3X1-401
Copper 3X1-891
Deep Bronze 3X1-871
Gold 3X1-771
Silver 3X1-304
Graphite 3X1-398

ADA Braille Sign - 8.875"H x 7.875"W - BLACKBURN16

  • Product Code: BLACKBURN16
  • $68.99

The BLACKBURN16 is an ADA-compliant 1/8” thick acrylic sign with an arched top, raised text and clear Braille dots on a simulated wood background.  Braille signs are ideal for office buildings, healthcare facilities, churches, universities and a variety of other locations.  Perfect for signing offices and permanent rooms in public facilities including restrooms, exits, elevators, staircases and anything needing identification or information on a facility feature.

This ADA Braille sign includes customization with room names, numbers or symbols.  Vista System provides over 40 colors from which to choose for the raised text copy with custom colors available upon request.  The simulated wood backgrounds are available in birch, cherry and walnut.  Six standard sizes and shapes are available online with custom sizes available.  Vista ADA compliant signs are also available in photopolymer and thermoformed should your project specifications call for them.

Customize your ADA Braille sign to create virtually any ADA compliant color combination:

  • Raised/Tactile Letters - over 40 colors from which to choose (custom colors available)
  • Simulated Wood Backgrounds - available in birch, cherry and walnut
  • Font - four ADA compliant fonts or choose your own
  • Braille - Grade 2 or California Braille
  • ADA Characters - see our ADA Size & Space Chart
  • Custom sizes available - no setup fees or special charges

For questions regarding custom sizes, colors, quantity discounts or additional ADA information please give us a call on our toll-free number or email us at [email protected].  For larger projects please email or call us for a free estimate. 

Whether a remodel, new construction or just adding one sign at a time Vista System can accommodate your needs.