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ADA Signs With Color Inserts

High-quality anodized aluminum frames in brushed silver or black with removable, 1/16” matte, colored acrylic lenses with raised text and Braille. Includes customized ADA insert for your room names or numbers with over 40 colors from which to choose. Wide selection of frames including custom sizes. Can be used in the following product family frames: Vista, Nova, Square and Sharp.
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Vista System ADA Sign Frames with Color Inserts
Vista System
Vista Nova ADA Sign Frames with Color Inserts
Vista Nova
Vista Square ADA Sign Frames with Color Inserts
Vista Square
Vista Sharp ADA Sign Frames with Color Inserts
Vista Sharp
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ADA Room Signs from Vista System

Vista System ADA room signs consist of a 1/16" ADA-compliant colored acrylic lens in a matte, non-glare finish with surface applied raised, tactile colored letters and friction fit Braille dots set inside an anodized aluminum, modular sign frame. Vista ADA room signs are available in four different styles including the original Vista System line or from the newly designed Nova System, which includes the highest standards of Vista System with a fresh, eye-catching look. Vista Square, the leading flat modular sign system, and Vista Sharp, both elegantly designed and technically advanced complete the suite of Vista System ADA room signage products. ADA room signs are ideal for office buildings, hospitals, churches, universities and a variety of other locations. Perfect for signing offices and permanent rooms, ADA room signs are also used to sign exits, elevators, staircases and anything needing information on a facility feature.