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Bathroom Signs

Vista System provides a wide array of distinctive

bathroom signs

with colored, brushed aluminum, wood and painted acrylic backgrounds to complement any interior design.  Vista bathroom signs include all gender identities including mens, womens, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary and others.  Choose from our selection of bathroom sign designs online where room names, numbers, symbols and sizes can be customized to your exact specifications.  All bathroom signs are ADA-compliant with over 40 standard colors from which to choose with custom colors for subsurface painting available upon request.

Our suite of interior wayfinding signage not only includes bathroom signs but also signs for doors, rooms and directional signs featuring brilliant designs as part of the new Vista Art product series.  Vista Art ADA signs feature 1/8" to 1/4" thick acrylic faces with raised, tactile letters and clear Braille dots.

In addition to our stand-alone Vista Art line of products we also offer acrylic ADA bathroom signs that fit into one of our four lines of exceptional aluminum frames. This includes clear ADA lenses for use with paper inserts, colored ADA lenses and simulated wood ADA lenses.

For custom sizes, quantity discounts or additional information please give us a call on our toll-free number or email us at [email protected]

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