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The 5 Most Popular Office Signs. Number 3 is a MUST!

It’s sometimes intimidating trying to find the ideal office signs for your business given the amount of options from which to choose.  You first have to pick the right sign frames and then you have to decide what type of inserts to use.  I thought I would take some of the more frequently ordered signs

Directory Signs – Flat Landscape for Directional & Wayfinding

Directory signs with the flat, landscape orientation are typically used as interior office signs including directional signs, directory boards and in various wayfinding applications.  The flat landscape directory signs accommodate interior and exterior sign applications and provide navigation and traffic control within your building or office complex. Wayfinding, by definition, encompasses all of the ways

Office Signs – 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying Them

When choosing the right office signs for your business there are three things one should consider before making the purchase: First, “How easy is it to replace my office signs?”  Unique or highly customized office sign designs are great on paper and no doubt are great to look at when installed.  Getting replacements, at best,

5 Tools Everyone Who Maintains Office Signs Should Use

If maintaining office signs is your responsibility, there are 5 simple tools that will simplify your job. • Desktop Publishing Software (DTP) • Camera • Printer • Paper • Creativity DTP software is the cornerstone for creating simple, yet elegant office signs.  MS-Word is the most ubiquitous yet there is Illustrator, In Design, Photoshop and

Flat or Curved Office Signs – 3 No-Fuss Ways to Figure it Out

What are the primary drivers when choosing between flat and curved office signs?  Although there are many factors to consider when choosing which type of office signage to select, here are three that tend to surface to the top. First, do you have a uniform sign program in place?  If so, stay with the existing

Office Signs – 4 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Purchasing office signs for a small business or large complex can be intimidating given the various options available today on the market.  In compiling our customer feedback, here’s what they’ve considered important when purchasing office signage for their businesses. Common Look & Feel – Office signs are an investment like anything else.  Then you decide